Network Solutions :
Solution offers a full IT supports and services including Dark Fiber Solution, LAN Setup and maintenance, CCTV and video surveillance, Website development, Domain registration and hosting, Consultancy services. The feature of the services that offering by solution is described below :

Dark Fiber Solution:
Dark Fiber is the point to point connectivity between two office or business locations where both locations can be connected within a single LAN (Local Area Network). Point to Point dark fiber doesn’t require any VPN device since this solution is out of any network service provider’s network or any public network. solution laid fiber optics cable within Motijheel and Dilkusha area our plan is to lay fiber optic cable in Dhanmondi, Kawranbazar and Uttara area within the short time.

Some customer thinks that it doesn’t make a big difference to choose a dark fiber solution provider when all dark fiber is the out of the service provider’s network. Why some dark fiber is better than others?

When it comes to choosing a company as a dark fiber solution provider. After all, it would be like operating one’s own network. There are important reasons why one should take a hard look at the dark fiber solution provider. For example:

o Not all dark fiber solution providers the same level of maintenance on their fiber.
o Not all dark fiber solution providers do the same level of signal testing.
o Not all dark fiber solution providers provide the same level of redundancy, in some case; they don’t provide true redundancy at all.

It has been mentioned earlier that solution has highly skilled expertise, who can provide dark fiber solution according to the client’s requirement as well as prompt technical support since solution has 24x7 technical person within the individual coverage area to reach the client premise within the shortest time.

LAN setup and Maintenance:
Solution prepares structured LAN (Local Area Network) for Multinational Companies, Medium and Small Organization. Larger LANs are characterized by their use of redundant links with switches using the spanning tree protocol to prevent loops, their ability to manage differing traffic types via quality of service (QoS), and to segregate traffic with VLANs. Larger LANS also contain a wide variety of network devices such as switches, firewalls, routers.

Network Products:
Solution provide Networking Products such as Network Switch, Router, CAT 5/ CAT 6 cables etc. We sales Cisco, Netgear, LinkSys, D-link products.

CCTV and video surveillance:
An organization uses CCTV and video surveillance to monitor their remote office/factory from the head office or for video conferencing. Video surveillance uses a company’s existing network and internet technology to transmit images from analog cameras and/ or IP cameras over public networks, These systems allow live streaming video and still image transfer (both one-way and two- way) at an average of 30 frames per second into a standard, easy-to-use Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time.
IP-based systems deliver a great deal of additional functionality - they provide motion detection, auto time and date stamps, easy transfer of visuals, and pre- and post-alarm messaging. Business owners are notified immediately if an event is occurring; they can then log on to the system remotely to see what's happening in their offices and businesses.

IP technology is the next step forward for surveillance systems. IP-based streaming video surveillance lets organizations monitor, prevent and/or respond to emergency situations more effectively and affordably, via the Internet. At the same time, the technology allows law enforcement, security companies and other emergency personnel to prepare better and respond more fully to emergencies. Thus, the physical safety of a company's vital human and business assets is far more secure and protected.

Consultancy service :

Twenty first century is called the century of globalization and information technology where global organization are reducing the paper works and encouraging office automation to enhance working skills and efficiencies. solution basically provides consultancy service to enhance your system capabilities and improve efficiency, since your network is the key to the efficient sharing of information within your organization. A managed network ensures network security as well as uptime preventing network broadcast.

solution also provide Windows base configuration: AD controller & Group Management policy in Windows 2003, DHCP & DNS Server, NAT & ICS, and VPN & RAS Exchange Server, Web server & FTP server ,MDaemon & Wingate Server Configure Linux & UNIX: DNS server, Mail Server, Proxy server, FTP & Samba Server. Whether you need to link multiple sites or terminals from a single location, our experience and resources enable us to offer the most competitive prices, meaning real value for money and peace of mind to you, as we take care of your need.

The consultancy covers Networking, Software solutions, corporate solutions as well as multimedia solutions for companies requiring multimedia presentation.